Being lost can be terrifying for the missing person and their loved ones. 


Greater Philadelphia Search and Rescue (GPSAR) is a volunteer organization dedicated to finding lost persons by the most efficient means possible.  Since 1977, GPSAR volunteers have assisted families by returning loved ones home safely, or in some unfortunate situations, helping locate the person so that the family may finally have closure.

GPSAR personnel are trained not only in search skill, but also land navigation, logistics, search resource allocation, and GPSAR maintains a historical database of lost person behaviors.

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Greater Philadelphia Search And Rescue can also assist in pre-planning for the search. GPSAR can assist with risk assessment, resource needs projection, mutual aid planning and immediate steps to be taken as standard procedures pending the arrival of the search and rescue task force.

Utilizing the expertise of it’s members, GPSAR provides coordination, support, communications and specialized resources needed for successful search efforts.

A good article about the work of people that search for the missing…Click Here!

Our services are offered free of charge. 

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Our volunteer units are available on-call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for emergency dispatch. GPSAR teams primarily serve people in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware.

Services we provide.

  • Search and Rescue – Utilizing the expertise of it’s members, we provide coordination, support, communications and specialized resources needed for successful search efforts. Learn more>>
  • Education & Child Survival – In 90 minutes, our educational programs potentially saves more lives than all our other hours of search and rescue combined. Learn more>>
  • Search Management – We can help you with the administration of search operations.

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