GPSAR - Greater Philadelphia Search and Rescue

    MBRT members will:
  • Support other emergency service teams by providing extra trained personnel during rescues and searches.
  • Have active members that are cross-trained to support all other active GPSAR teams.
  • Act as a fully functional and independent Mountain Bike team
  • Augment the services that GPSAR currently provides to the community
  • Observe strict rules to ensure the safety of themselves, team members, and victims
  • Attend training for personal and team development
  • Keep abreast of and notify team members of current Mountain Bike techniques
  • Represent GPSAR and the MBRT with dignity and responsibly

Mountain Bike Rescue Unit

The field use of a bike can be beneficial in that it allows us to cover a greater area in a shorter amount of time when we are doing a hasty search or just setting up a perimeter. Due to their speed, the patrol bikes can cover more area or a contained area repeatedly over a comparatively short period of time. With a bike we can travel over relatively rough terrain with supplies and move at a pace that is quick but controlled. The operation of the bike is not such that it greatly distracts us from the environment around us (hearing noises, smells, etc.) like a motor vehicle does.

The Greater Philadelphia Search and Rescue (GPSAR) Mountain Bike Support Team (MBRT) will be made up of GPSAR team members committed to personal development and training in order to safely and swiftly locate / rescue missing subjects.

The bike team can work in conjunction with any of the existing teams. One of the best examples is the equine team. A bike can be a companion to a horse and rider. Horses typically will happily co-exist with a bike that is ridden in a controlled and responsible fashion.

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