About Us

When a person is lost or endangered, seconds can mean the difference between life and death.

Since 1979, we have successfully completed hundreds of searches in dozens of counties throughout the region.  We work with first responders and many national and local associations to utilize the expertise at our disposal to find missing persons.

“We were notified that a 10-year old developmentally challenged girl had disappeared from her grandmother’s home. I was impressed by the number of people that GPSAR mobilized in such a short amount of time. We could not have handled this assignment alone.  Your help was a crucial element of our response.”

– Thomas J. Nestel, III, Chief of Police, Upper Moreland Township, PA

We’re there when you most need us

GPSAR’s search team is on-call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for emergency dispatch. Our services are offered free of charge.

Utilizing the expertise of more than  30 highly trained members, GPSAR provides coordination, support, communications, and specialized units and resources needed to find lost individuals. Search and rescue work differs from most emergency services in that our jobs are fewer in number but longer in duration. Given the right (or wrong) mix of circumstances a search can go for any number of days. In one year alone our membership contributes more than 3,750 volunteer hours.

In times of no emergency our duty is to train and educate the public about  search strategies  and how to stay safe and prevent children and vulnerable adults from going missing.



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