One of the things that can differentiate emergency services organizations is trainings. In some areas you don't need to "train" as much because you simply are constantly doing the work you need to do. Search and Rescue in this area does not have that luxury.

GPSAR typically trains twice a week. Training varies for location, terrain, time, task, intensity, and skillset. We mix it up as much as possible. All of this is done so that we can best serve the diversity of the areas that we respond to by constantly exposing ourselves to ANY possible combination of factors under various circumstances.

Training should be HARDER than actual missions. Training should be more intense. Training should be SAFE. We have the luxury of some control with a training. With that in mind we can up the challenge and effectively raise the bar on the training while keeping it safe. On a mission we have to work with what we have where we are while we're there with no choice or control over the circumstances that brought us there. We have to basically "make it happen".

Training NEVER stops. If a group doesn't train they have stopped learned. Never stop learning.